Needs-aware AI

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On February 2nd, Soheil Human (from the Vienna University of Economics and Business) and Ryan Watkins (the HTC Lab) will lead a symposium on Needs-aware Artificial Intelligence — AI that ‘serves [human] needs’. Learn more about the symposium and how … Continued

Jas Sami Accepted for ISTE Presentation

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Congratulations to Jas. She will be presenting “Improving Recruitment and Retention of Undergraduates into STEM Teaching” at the ISTE Live conference this coming June!  Click here to learn more about the conference.    

AI Bias and Fairness

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Farhana Faruqe and Dr. Larry Medsker of the HTC Lab are publishing a series of blogs on AI Bias and Fairness for AAAI. Here is a link to the first of their contributions… way to go!    

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