New article by Eran Barak-Medina

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Teaching with artificial intelligence in five steps What artificial intelligence tools are recommended for teachers, how can artificial intelligence tools be integrated into lessons, and how do you lead students to ethical and empowering use of these tools? Dr. Eran … Continued

LLM Norms and Review Criteria

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Ryan Watkins recently published a new article on establishing norms and review criteria for the use of Large Language Models in scientific research. You can read it here: Watkins, R. (2023). Guidance for researchers and peer‑reviewers on the ethical … Continued

Best Paper Award

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HTC PhD Candidate, Jessa Henderson and 1st author, and HTC faculty Natalie Milman (along w/ 2 other colleagues at other universities) were awarded the 2023 American Educational Research Association Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning SIG’s … Continued

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