Human-Technology Collaboration Research Lab

@ George Washington University

An interdisciplinary research lab that explores how we create, train, interact with, and collaborate with
increasing intelligent technologies in both the classroom and workplace.  We are fond of saying that our lab is the
peanut butter between the STEM and non-STEM research in this topic (or sandwich).

Latest News from the Lab

Welcome new HTC students!


The HTC Lab and PhD program are excited to welcome Ilghar Samadzadeh and Ani Meliksetyan to the team.  Ilghar has a background in social science research and international education, and Ani also has... READ MORE

AI Literacy


Farhana  (PhD student in the HTC lab) recently presented a short talk at the AI4EDU conference on a comprehensive approach for moving from a general concept of AI Literacy to a competency model... READ MORE

Jessa and Natalie’s poster at AERA


Here is a link to the poster Jessa and Natalie presented at AERA this past week: Examining the Relationship Between Teacher Change Fatigue and the Technology Acceptance Model Pre-COVID-19 Pandemic   READ MORE