Confronting Tools of the Oppressor

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Confronting Tools of the Oppressor: Framing Just Technology Integration in Educational Technology and Teacher Education New article by Natalie and Jessa is available here: Abstract Power, privilege, and prejudice are embedded within technologies. While technologies can be designed and … Continued

Explainable Computational Creativity

posted in: reading | 0 Human collaboration with systems within the Computational Creativity (CC) field is often restricted to shallow interactions, where the creative processes, of systems and humans alike, are carried out in isolation, without any (or little) intervention from the user, and … Continued

Needs and artifcial intelligence

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Ryan Watkins and Soheil Human just published their open access article “Needs and Artificial Intelligence” in the AI and Ethics Journal. Abstract Throughout our history, we, Homo sapiens, have used technologies to better satisfy our needs. The relation between needs … Continued

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