The AI Ethicist: Fact or Fiction?

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Abstract This study investigates the efficacy of an AI-based ethical advisor using the GPT-4 model. Drawing from a pool of ethical dilemmas published in the New York Times column “The Ethicist”, we compared the ethical advice given by the human … Continued

New article by Eran Barak-Medina

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Teaching with artificial intelligence in five steps What artificial intelligence tools are recommended for teachers, how can artificial intelligence tools be integrated into lessons, and how do you lead students to ethical and empowering use of these tools? Dr. Eran … Continued

Pedagogical Alignment of Large Language Models

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In this paper, we introduce the novel concept of pedagogically aligned Large Language Models (LLMs) that signifies a transformative shift in the application of LLMs within educational contexts. Rather than providing direct responses to user queries, pedagogically-aligned LLMs function as … Continued

Student Demand and the Supply of College Courses

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2023-10-25-JMP-Draft.pdf Abstract: In an era of rapid technological and social change, do universities adapt enough to play their important role in creating knowledge? To examine university adaptation, I extracted the information contained in the course catalogs of over 450 … Continued

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