Trust, Mistrust, and Autonomy

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Is autonomy – governing yourself – compatible with letting yourself be governed by trust? This paper argues that autonomy is not only compatible with appropriate trust but actually requires it. Autonomy requires appropriate trust because it is undermined by inappropriate … Continued

Learning activities in technology-enhanced learning: A systematic review of meta-analyses and second-order meta-analysis in higher education

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Models such as ICAP  (Interactive, Constructive, Active, and Passive) hypothesize that effects of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) are mediated by the learning activity that is facilitated by technology. In this systematic review of meta-analyses and second-order meta-analysis, we examined effects of … Continued

Value Capture

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Value capture occurs when an agent’s values are rich and subtle; they enter a social environment that presents simplified — typically quantified — versions of those values; and those simplified articulations come to dominate their practical reasoning. Examples include becoming … Continued

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