AI Will Not Want to Self-Improve

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Many accounts of risk from Artificial Intelligence (AI), including existential risk, involve self-improvement. The idea is that, if an AI gained the ability to improve itself, it would do so, since improved capabilities are useful for achieving essentially any goal. … Continued

Can Generative AI Improve Social Science?

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Artificial intelligence that can produce realistic text, images, and other human-like outputs is currently transforming many different industries. Yet it is not yet known how such tools might transform social science research. In the first section of this article, I … Continued

The effectiveness of preregistration in psychology: Assessing preregistration strictness and preregistration-study consistency

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Study preregistration has become increasingly popular in psychology, but its effectiveness in restricting potentially biasing researcher degrees of freedom remains unclear. We used an extensive protocol to assess the strictness of preregistrations and the consistency between preregistration and publications of … Continued

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