A Perspective on K-12 AI EducationA Perspective on K-12 AI Education

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Note: One of the authors is from the US House of Reps, others are academics. 

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI), which enables machines to learn to perform a task by training on diverse datasets, is one of the most revolutionary developments in scientific history. Although AI and especially deep learning is relatively new, it has already had transformative impact on medicine, biology, transportation, entertainment, and beyond. As AI changes our daily lives at an increasingly fast pace, we are challenged with preparing our society for an AI-driven future. To this end, a critical step is to ensure an AI-ready workforce through education. Advocates of beginning instruction of AI basics at the K-12 level typically note benefits to the workforce, economy, and national security. In this complementary perspective, we discuss why learning AI is beneficial for motivating students and promoting creative thinking, and how to develop a module-based approach that optimizes learning outcomes. We hope to excite and engage more members of the education community to join the effort to advance K-12 AI education in the USA and worldwide.
Ryan Watkins