Contextualizing Artificially Intelligent Morality: A Meta-Ethnography of Top-Down, Bottom-Up, and Hybrid Models for Theoretical and Applied Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

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In this meta-ethnography, we explore three different angles of Ethical AI design and implementation in a top-down/bottom-up framework, including the philosophical ethical viewpoint, the technical perspective, and framing through a political lens. We will discuss the values and drawbacks of individual and hybrid approaches within this framework. Examples of approaches include ethics either being determined by corporations and governments (coming from the top), or ethics being called for by the people (coming from the bottom), as well as top-down, bottom-up, and hybrid technicalities of how AI is developed within a moral construct, in consideration of its developers and users, with expected and unexpected consequences and long-term impact. This investigation includes real-world case studies, philosophical debate, and theoretical future thought experimentation based on historical facts, current world circumstances, and possible ensuing realities.

Ryan Watkins