On Two XAI Cultures: A Case Study of Non-technical Explanations in Deployed AI System

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Explainable AI (XAI) research has been booming, but the question “To whom are we making AI explainable?” is yet to gain sufficient attention. Not much of XAI is comprehensible to non-AI experts, who nonetheless, are the primary audience and major stakeholders of deployed AI systems in practice. The gap is glaring: what is considered “explained” to AI-experts versus non-experts are very different in practical scenarios. Hence, this gap produced two distinct cultures of expectations, goals, and forms of XAI in real-life AI deployments.
We advocate that it is critical to develop XAI methods for non-technical audiences. We then present a real-life case study, where AI experts provided non-technical explanations of AI decisions to non-technical stakeholders, and completed a successful deployment in a highly regulated industry. We then synthesize lessons learned from the case, and share a list of suggestions for AI experts to consider when explaining AI decisions to non-technical stakeholders.

Ryan Watkins