NSF Future of Work proposal

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The members of the HTC lab submitted a proposal to NSF to support the expansion of the Lab’s efforts in the development of research and educational resources on Collaborative Social Machines.

“…planning grant will develop an innovative model for scalable convergent research to answer two integrated questions that we believe must be investigated in tandem and by interdisciplinary collaborators:  (a) how do intelligent social technologies — such as AI powered workplace bots, or machine learning enabled VR training systems — learn to collaborate with teams of people, and (b) how do people learn to collaborate in teams along with intelligent social technologies?  What changes when a more powerful Alexa for Business or Google Assistant becomes a member of your team in the workplace, and what research must we do today to prepare future workers (and technologies) for when social machines are engaged in complex team dynamics along with the human team members?”

You can find a copy of the proposal at: https://osf.io/rvg6q/

Ryan Watkins